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XMC and Reload Device action

  • 19 September 2019
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I have two question about "reload device" function in "configure" screen which allows to upload switches running's configuration into xmc's database.

A) Do somebody knows any reason why "reload device" action takes about 5 minutes to finish on a X440-G2 and just 15 seconds on a A-series ?
Sometimes it takes more than 10 minutes.

All devices configured with snmpV3
same vlan, same ip subnet
Summit X440 version :
A4 version :
XMC version

😎 Is there a way to schedule reload every day by a script to ensure xmc database in always up-to-date in case of changes by ssh cli (port config or vlan creation)

Thanks for your replies.


6 replies

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Hi Cedric.

Please check if your DNS service on XMC is working. (if EXOS does have HTTP disabled and HTTPs enabled and the DNS is not reachable then the issue was already reported by other customer = ticket number: 01902957)

Yes you create API call to refresh all your devices on request, see similar workflow Refresh Neighbor Devices

Hello, thanks for your reply.

Are you talking about dns configured on OS side ?
If yes, it looks like ok :
$nslookup (switch IP) name = sw22.mat.dom

Https is disabled on exos but tcpdump shows https attempts during reload and many snmp requests.

could snmpv3 process be less efficient on Exos than on A4 ?

It looks like the scripts you pointed to me are workflows but I can't import anything in workflow menu

To be continued
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Extreme Management Center does try to get information from Securestacks only through SNMP and there is much less of information we do gather compare to EXOS.

From EXOS we gather information through SNMP and http/https and CLI = check if all methods are available & working.

Do you have stack or EXOS or single unit? more ports => more time. more vlans => more time.
Ok, that's why ssh and http(s), thanks

Switches are stacked but A4 are too ....
Vlan number varies with switches but stays under 15

Il tried to use snmpV1 but it's quite long too (4-5 minutes versus 8-10 with snmpV3)
I'm loss :(

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You should probably contact GTAC for additional help.
It's in progress