XMC, Control, Analytics - Design Guides, redundancy

  • 26 June 2020
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I was wondering where I would find some design guides for XMC

so we can build a redundant setup for two sites.

  • Option 1
    • 1 x XMC VM
      • 2 x NAC Control - one on each site
      • 1 x Anaylitics

what happens when the site goes down where XMC and Analytics is hosted?

  • Option 2
    • 2 x XMC VM - one on each site
      • 1 x NAC Control
      • 1 x Anaylitics

How do you keep your XMC, Anaylitics data in sync between the two sites?


What would be your recommendation?


Thanks, Klaus

4 replies

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XMC is not designed to work in HA ore something like that.

In your case I would suggest use option 1 extend

  • 1 central XMC with a good backup-strategy
  • 2 NACs on each site
  • 1 Analytics on each site


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The only way you can get HA with XMC is through the vmware HA feature:


If you had a VM host in each site you could utilize this feature.








So I decided to have one XMC and added both Control engines to it.

So when the XMC goes down

  • do Control engines have all the rules from XMC applied to them?
  • would both control engines keep working (e.g. accepts radius requests)?
  • How would I manage the Control engines rules, policies, etc.

I also noticed that rules I created cannot be moved up or down (grayed out). Any idea how to fix this?


Thanks, Klaus

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Hi Klaus,


Yes, Extreme Access Control performs AAA functions per the configuration from the enforcement time. They are independent from XMC in sense of AAA. To reconfigure (not often to occur after deployment?) you will have to get XMC up and running.


Hope that helps,