XMC, NAC and Captive Portal

  • 9 July 2019
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I have a PoC with XMC, NAC and Cisco Devices (wired and wireless)
Most of the feature are working well (Inventory, Backup, NAC with ACL)
The client asked for a captive portal.
How can I use XMC/NAC with Captive Portal for wired and/or wireless users?
What I found is:
But in my opinion, the solution with the ACL and DNS is not handable.
What are usable solutions? Does anybody has experience with XMC/NAC Captive Portal (and 3rd vendor Devices)?

2 replies

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From a GTAC perspective the only redirection method we've seen with Cisco WLC has been use of the Cisco-ACPair=URL Redirect.

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I've done captive portal in the past with Policy Based Routing on Cisco devices.