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XMC (Netsight) ISO Deployment Guide

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Hi Community

I am looking for the XMC (Netsight/EMC) ISO deployment guide.
The installation guides only cover VM deployment, windows deployment and deployment on a already installed linux server.
I can not find any installation guide for the XMC iso file.

I will be install XMC directly onto a hardware host (No Virtual environment).
I have downloaded the ISO and booted my hardware server from the ISO.
The ISO starts by installing Ubuntu.
I would presume after the Ubuntu OS installation the XMC config wizard would start (Similar to the VM image deployment).
The reason for the asking for a deployment guide is that during the Ubuntu installation, you get prompted if you want install the various services like SSH ect.
Some of the services is required for XMC but I am not sure if I need to add them during the Ubuntu installation or if XMC will add the required services during the XMC installation after the OS install.

Any body that can direct me to an official XMC ISO deployment guide, with the recommended option to choose during the OS installation??

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Hi Andre,

Check this guide, usually the appliance will be deployed in NMS-A-25 appliance that is dedicated for Netsight installs and for full support.

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You've build a workstation that is NOT an NS-A-25 appliance and are attempting to load the ISO to that system?

The documentation that Karthik provided includes re-installation instructions using the ISO in section 3, but this is specifically meant for an NS-A-25 appliance.

I personally haven't seen this method of installation attempted before.

Typically we have 3 different installation types:

OVA for virtual environment
ISO in case you need to re-image one of our appliances
Software for pre-installed Ubuntu/Windows. The OS exists and the .zip or .bin file provided includes ONLY the XMC software

I think you are trying to deploy Extreme Management Center using option 3, but trying to use the ISO which contains the OS.

Long story short we don't have an install guide or any guidance as putting the ISO on a box other than the qualified XMC hardware isn't something we typically see.