XMC View with IP Information for EOS Devices

  • 6 October 2020
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I’m looking for a View in XMC for EOS-Devices (eg. 7100, S-Series ...) where I can see VLAN and IP-Interface Information.

For EXOS Devices, I can see this information together in VLAN Tab.

For EOS Devices, I’m missing this grouped information.

I also didn’t find a extension at github.

Does someone has create such a custom view or can give me a few information for creating a custom Device View and Flex-View with this information?

2 replies

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Hi Peter, if you go in to XMC and right click on your device> Select FlexView> VLAN> 802.1q, you should see the L2 information listed there. Unfortunately I’m not finding a way to see the IPs of the VLAN interfaces in the GUI, but I wanted to pass on what I do know. Hope that helps!

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Hi Sam,

thanks for your reply.

In 802.1q Tab the IP-Interface information are missing and that’s what I’m looking for.