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XOS - NetSight Compass not showing IP Address (Version

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When performing a Compass search in NetSight with Summit X460-G2 switches, only MAC Addresses are displayed. No IP Addresses are populated.

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Anybody also experiencing this?
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Is there any update on this, this is rather annoying as it was very useful on enterasys switches.

It is very handy to trace what port a device is plugged in just by IP address.

Extreme: X460-G2-48p-GE4 running
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i also have this "issue"

x440g2 -

cannot find ip adresses in compass search
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Hi, Did you enabled node-alias on the switch? It's not enabled by default, you have to do it. Anticipating the question around default settings in EXOS, I'd encourage you to try ztp+ when adding a new switch (requires 21.1 or later on the switch), and then with EMC 8.0 you have the possibility to automatically run a script when that switch is added to a Site. That script could be your own default settings definition.
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hy stephane,

thank you for your reply

i enabled nodealias on all ports:
configure nodealias ports all maxentries 8192

in java gui netsight console i still got no ip adress shown

in weg gui i can find entries with interface rtif

why can't i see it on java gui?

BTW: the show iparp command is also usefull in this context
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Hi Guys,

Maybe you need to configure xml-notification ... Take a look at my guide on how to make it work (by the way, it only works on 22.2...

Best regards,

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Is there a link to the guide ?
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Hi Tino,