ZTP+ Device connector is too old - please download a newer version and apply to this device.

I have the latest version of XMC, along with the latest XMOD connectors downloaded from Github.

I still get this error message on numerous switches attempting to use ZTP+ for the first time.

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Do you have a CC 3.0 or are you still on CC 1.1.x? You need to use CC 3.0 with XMC 8.0+, and preferably the latest.

I've installed both those XMODs, is CloudConnector a separate application also?

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CC (CloudConnector) is the App that is used for ZTP+. EXOS was shipping with an old version of CC (CC 1.1.x) that cannot support all the new features coming since XMC 8.0. That's why you need to have latest CC 3.0 in XMC.
You should be good now, if the rest of the setup is fine:

- booting from a factory default config running at least 21.1 (no autoexec.xsf nor default.xsf)
- having DHCP reachable with DNS- DNS resolving extremecontrol to be the IP of XMC
The upgrade process takes some time, be patient, the switch will then reboot and you are good.