800 series Switch - Web Interface no accessable - because of outdated ciphers

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My customer have serveral small 800 series switches. Currently we cannot access web interface because recent browsers (firefox / chrome) deny the used out-dated ciphers.

Researching last available firmware / manual confirm there are only out-dated chiphers available:

enable ssl
enable ssl ciphersuite RSA_with_RC4_128_MD5
enable ssl ciphersuite RSA_with_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA
enable ssl ciphersuite DHE_DSS_with_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA
enable ssl ciphersuite RSA_EXPORT_with_RC4_40_MD5

How can i get that the browser will accept these currently used ciphers ?

Are there any plans of extreme networks to update this on a product that is currently on sale ?


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In regards to updating the ciphers we will need to talk with engineering. I sent them a note but we may need to open a formal case for this.
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Hi Daniel,

Case: 01274825 opened.

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Is that exactly what I've asked for 3 weeks ago ... a list of affected devices/versions ?