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802.1X Switch issues

  • 22 May 2019
  • 4 replies

Dear Community,

We have a switch Enterasys C3G124-48 Rev, we have the NAC Appliance and an AD server, is it possible to do 802.1X for users?
I explain 802.1X users : when a user wants to login in into his Windows session he do it with 802.1X.
If is it possible with what we have, what is the command in our switch to lock the communication with EAP to make the authentification.

Appreciate the communities help.

4 replies

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Hi abechir,

I use two defferent commands to take a look for the status of the authentication status:
at XOS: show netlogin session port 1
at EXOS: show multiauth session port ge.1.1

Some maybe helpfull command could be at EXOS:
show eapol ge.1.1
show dot1x port ge.1.1

Or if you try
show dot1x ?
show multiauth ?
you will find other options to use.

Hope it help,
Thank you Axel for your answer it was very helpful for me the switch port is blocked with EAP now and it's lunch the identification Process.

But now my switch is not entering my domain to verify the identity.

My switch is an EXOS.

Is it possible to tell me wish commands I can do in my switch for that?

Appreciate your help.
Sorry for the mistake my Switch is an EOS and not EXOS.
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The switch does not need to be added to the domain. the NAC appliance needs to be added to the domain. I will refer you to: https://community.extremenetworks.com/security-90300/how-to-join-nac-in-a-domain-7430505