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B5K 10Gb and 1Gb sfp port

Hi to everybody, on B5K switch when I use an 10Gb port (for example tg.1.49) for a uplink, can I use other sfp 1Gb port for other uplink? thanks.

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in general you can use ports with different speeds as uplinks. Spanning tree will prefer the faster link. If you use some other redundancy protocol instead of spanning tree, you need to check that the protocol supports different speeds.

Thanks Erik...I need to trunk b5k with S8 on 10Gbit port and uplink another b5k on 1Gbit port...so I think its ok!!
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That should be OK. The 10G ports are separate from the 1G ports, so you can use both at the same time. But the 1G SFP ports are combo-ports, there you can use either the copper port or the SFP port, but not both at the same time.

Yes I know about 1Gb SFP port combo technologies....thanks!!
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10gb ports (ports 49-50 ) are seperate ports because they are SFT+ ports, the 1 GIG ports 47-48 can be used at the same time but not as a lag.
Also note that if you have a copper link on port 47 or 48, that once a MGBIC is linked up, the copper port will drop.
The MGBIC can be inserted (without any issues) into the combo port without a connection