Bad checksum reading the chassis type from Network Address (NAP) chip.

I have some problem with one of my DFE Platinium module 7G4202-30 for N series. During boot up process I get following messaged while connected to the console port:

A device within this chassis has encountered a hardware failure. Bad checksum reading the chassis type from Network Address (NAP) chip. Please contact Support for the troubleshooting procedure to determine which device will possibly need to be repaired/replaced. [/code]
When this DFE is slided out of the chassis, rest is working properly, so I narrowed down to which out of 3, has problems. So my question if this points out 100% to the hardware failure, or there something more which can be done, to try to revive it?.

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Hello Maciej,

In this case I suggest you call the GTAC and have the Serial number for the chassis you are placing that blade into handy. That message points to a hardware failure on the chassis itself and not with the blade.

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Hi Maciej,
Firstly you need to make sure that you are not on old firmware.

If you are on post 5.11.24 firmware then this is likely faulty hardware. Firmware prior to 5.11.24 should be upgraded and tried again. Most people are way beyond that firmware by now.

Systems that exhibit this same failure after this upgrade will require RMA of a defective component. You have already refined the problem source individual blade, via a chassis/slot/blade mix-and-match so i would go ahead and contact us for replacement if applicable.

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I will write up an article for the kb to cover this

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Hello Maciej,

We have also created the following knowledge article for this.


Thanks for quick reply, now I know my options!

I'll check the firmware version just to be sure later on, but I think it was 6.xx, so it's rather the case of faulty hardware.

There's one thing, I read the KB article and in my case CPU LED wasn't lit at all, only the Group LEDs and 1/4 of Port LEDs and they were solid green.

And I'm not sure if I can submit RMA, as this device is part of my private rack used for learning&testing.