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C5 Manage


I want manage the switch C5 using that VLAN's interface IP, access by ssh too.

Is it possible?



Paulo Maurício


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Hi Paulo,


You mean C5 working as L2 or as L3 switch? Both switch IP can be set (‘set ip address … mask … gateway ...’) or IP interfaces can be created.

This might be helpful as well: https://www.extremenetworks.com/support/documentation/a-b-c-series-6-81-xx/


Hope that helps,


Hi Tomas.

The switch C5 will working as L3.

I would like to know if access via ssh could be configured for the ip interface address.

Thks for your help.

Paulo Maurício


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You’d enable ssh as a global command and then you are able to connect to that IP via ssh.


# set ssh enable



Hi Ronald.

Thank you for your help.


Paulo Maurício

Just an information:

If the C5 would have been a simple L2-Switch, you can change the Mgmt-VLAN by using the command

set host vlan VLAN-ID


Hi Stefan.

I usually configure it this way. It is the first time I set up as C5 L3, the idea  is to replace an 3COM 5500 switch.


Thks for your help.


Paulo Maurício