CFAP oversubscribed errors

in the logging buffer of a b5 switch i have a bunch of errors: CFAP oversubscribed errors detected on SoC unit 0
wonder what this means?? I am have some issues in this group of switches.

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With some extensive googling I found this:

Not 100% sure if it's even related, but it looks like some sort of fast filtering technology to avoid using the CPU? Are you using policy at the port? If so, do you have any overruns or drops/errors etc.. on any of the ports or even the stacking ports?
switch is not stacked. level 2 only. i havnt put any policy on the switch, and a "show policy rule all" comes back blank. a "show port counters" dosnt show any errors, thats the only way i know of to see port errors??
the switch connected to this one did go down last night and is currently bypassed, so i suppect one of the interfaces did go through some things.
ile clear the log and see if i get any more. i have a show supplrt saved in case i have to go to tac,
Can you post the show support here (taking out any lines that shouldn't be in it publicly).
i will do so in the morning. ime in the building replacing the switch now. it has crashed twice since i posted my question, so i assume this is hardware. and the bad switch i pulled out last night seems to be fine, so i missed the mark last night.
thankyou for your help!!
Yeah, that is what I was thinking. Any time a switch crashes and it doesn't look like a software bug... It's usually a hardware failure. .