Cisco IP phone couldn't obtain voice vlan from Enterasys switch

I need a help as the Cisco IP phone couldn't obtain the voice vlan by LLDP,
the IP phone model=7911G, it's firmware=9.2.1
Extreme switch: 800-series verson 1.3.4

I made the following configuration but nothing work (IP phone connected to port 15)


config vlan default add untagged 9-16
config vlan default advertisement enable
create vlan 30 tag 30
config vlan 30 add tagged 15 advertisement enable
disable qinq
disable gvrp
disable vlan_trunk
config port_vlan 9-16 gvrp_state disable ingress_checking enable acceptable_frame admit_all pvid 1


enable lldp
config lldp tx_delay 2
config lldp message_tx_interval 30
config lldp message_tx_hold_multiplier 4
config lldp reinit_delay 2
config lldp notification_interval 5
config lldp ports 9-14,16 notification disable
config lldp ports 9-16 admin_status tx_and_rx
config lldp ports 15 notification enable


config lldp_med log state enable
config lldp_med fast_start repeat_count 4
config lldp_med ports 15 med_transmit_capabilities capabilities network_policy state enable

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Hello Hossam,

Can you add the following line to the configuration and re-test:

config lldp_med network_policy add app_type voice vlan vlan_id 30 t_field tagged
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Hossam has also logged a case with the Gtac which I am working on.
In the tech-support the voice vlan is called voice1 with a tag of 3
And the configuration has the following line:-

config lldp_med network_policy add app_type voice vlan vlan_id 3 t_field tagged l2_pri_field 0 dscp_field 0

The network capture attached to the case shows that the switch is sending out a network policy for vlan ID 3 but the capture was not started at the very begining.

I have spoken to Hossam and I will work directly with him on this case and I will update this post later.
Do you mean you need to see the packet caputre after connect the cables with the mirror port
Do you mean you need to see the packet caputre after coonect the cables with the mirror port
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I mean it looks like the capture may of been started after the Cisco IP phone was already connected. Therefore to ensure that we have captured everything I would like you to gather another capture. I will call you tomorrow morning and run through the steps.
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For the configuration of VoIP phones on 800 Series switches see the following article:-

We have tested various VoIP phones such as Siemens (Unify) and Polycom CX600.
Regarding the issue with the Cisco 7911G I am continuing to work with Hossam via a Gtac case.