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Configuring Management IP Address on S Series Switch

  • 29 August 2019
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I'm trying to understand the best practice to configure a management IP address for our s8 Series switch. Currenly I can ssh into it via the management vlan gateway and work on the configuration that way. I'm attempting to configure a true Management IP Address for use with ssh and also to be the management address for radius authentication. There is a loopback interface lo.0.1 that currently has no ip assigned to it, but since this is our core switch before I start configuring things and breaking them I'd like to get some clarification. the radius configuration doesn't seem to care about anything other than the Radius server address, port, and then the shared secret which I understand, but the radius server will be looking for an address that the radius authentication request should be coming from. According to documentation by Extreme Management IP addresses can be configured as non forwarding but since this address will be sending traffic across our network to the radius server I'm assuming it will need to forward traffic. What is the correct way to configure this? Is it possible to configure a management IP address from our managment network to the loopback interface (lo.0.1) on the switch and leave to forward traffic to our radius server? Is this even possible?

Sorry if the question is dumb, still new to networking and mostly been working on the Juniper side and we utilize loopback addresses on the Juniper's for authentication to our radius servers and for management.

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