DB9 Pinout of serial cable that ships with C5 Series switch

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Hi All,

I'm looking for the pinout of the DB9 to DB9 cable comes with the C5 series switches? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

-Rich P.

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Hi Rich, The pin assignments are in Enterasys C5 Gigabit Ethernet Switch Hardware Installation Guide 2-23
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Thanks Dan. Unfortunately, that only shows me the pinout of the console port on the switch. I'm actually looking for the pinout of the DB9-to-DB9 cable that comes with the switches. I need to duplicate the pinout of that cable in order to make a custom length one for a specific installation.
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It should be a null modem cable.
Receive Data 2 to 3 Transmit Data
Transmit Data 3 to 2 Receive Data
Data Terminal Ready 4 6+1 Data Set Ready + Carrier Detect *
System Ground 5 to 5 System Ground Data
Set Ready + Carrier Detect 6+1 4 Data Terminal Ready *
Request to Send 7 to 8 Clear to Send
Clear to Send 8 to 7 Request to Send
* not used for the SecureStack
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Are you all set with this? Did the information help?
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Yes.. Very much appreciated. Thanks.