Disable a port on an Enterasys / Extreme S4

At some point I remember the need to turn on a feature on the S4, so when you disable a port (set port disable tg.3.1), it actually stops processing packets for that port. I thought it was a global command, but I can't remember. Maybe they changed it with newer version of code. Anyway, I'm just curious.


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Actually, I may have found it. I think it might be the set forcelinkdown feature.
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Hi Jeremy,

That is correct, when you administratively disable a port with 'set forcelinkdown' enabled, the link will be brought down as well.

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Hello Jeremy,

We have also documented this in our Knowledge article Port link stays up when port is disabled available here:

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Hi Jeremy,
Also a good possibility -

"set spantree portenable ge.1.1 disable"

toggles bridging on/off for port ge.1.1.

Sometimes handy but rarely used these days - and easily confused with the command to toggle the spanning tree algorithm on a port. (set spantree portadmin ge.1.1 enable|disable)