Enterasys-B3 Switche for VLAN-Radius Attribute

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if I’m not mistaken, the Exnterasys B3 Switche for example are per Default set to accept only policy.

With the following command, one can set it to also accept the vlan-tunnel-Attribute.

Set policy maptable response both

I’m typing this command unsuccessfully on my B3-Switch.

My only goal is:

- dynamically assign vlan-ID to hosts after authentication

Note that customer has no Policy License for B3, therefore no integration possible into the Policy Manager. But should be integrated with RFC3580.

How can I make sure that the switch is set to accept vlan attribute?


How can I set the switch to accept vlan attribute given the fact that no Policy license is available?

Thanks in advance for your quick reply.

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On a B3 with firmware 6.03 and higher;
    if policy is unlicensed (=the default), "tunnel mode" is emulated for RFC3580 support.
  • if policy is licensed, "policy mode" is used by default, but can be overridden by '[code]set policy maptable response tunnel | both[/code]'.
Have you tested functionality and determined that RFC3580 is not working?
Have you configured '
set vlanauthorization enable
' and '
set vlanauthorization enable
See Hub KB 10283 , "Sample SecureStack Configuration for 802.1x, EAP, RFC3580, and MUA".
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Hello Paul,
thanks very much for the quick reply.

The following line is sufficient to me:

if policy is unlicensed (=the default), "tunnel mode" is emulated for RFC3580 support.”

This is what I wanted to make sure of.

Kindest regards

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Excellent! - thanks.