enterasys s4 webconfig

  • 16 September 2018
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Some changes were made to the settings of my enterasys s4 chassis through the webgui config. the changes dont show up in the show config of the cli and i really need to remove them. How do I

8 replies

i am perplexed . I have 32 aps that went down after a click by a tech in the webgui and cant figure out why. the cli config looks correct
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There must be a vlan on the port. default is vlan 1 Set port vlan tbp.0.1 1
i am referring to this
set port vlan tbp.0.1 5
there is no enable on that line. would

clear port vlan tbp.0.1 5

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Use the same command with disable instead of enable.
i aslo see set port vlan tbp.0.1 5 this might be messing it up also how do i remove this line
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Yes. The webbiew should store commands to the cli config. Ingress filter does drop traffic to vlans what are not allowed to egress = if only vlan 2 and 3 can egress the port then only vlan 2 and 3 are accepted on ingress. It is a security feqture. Tbp is a backplane port.
I dont see any changes in my config from the cli. Does the webview actually write to the config that i can see?
The only think i see is set port ingress-filter tbp.0.1 enable
which i have no idea where that came from or what it is doing.
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That is very unexpected. What changes? Worst case is to “show config outfile” and then verify the config and boot the config by “configure” command.

You can also try show config outfile and find those changes there.

From my experience the issue will be different. I guess the config was not changed by WEB but some dynamic protocol changed the behavior. Example: new VLANs were learned through GVRP...

The web on S-series is very limited = it should be quite easy to verify those sections with show config and show feature by feature. By show vlan you will see what vlans are used by show config vlan you will see what was configured.