[Enterasys S8] cannot grep/find


we have installed some months ago at our University Campus an Enterasys S8 as a core router.

With time, the configuration became quite lenghty, and having a tool to filter out the configuration would be useful.

We are running this version:

S8-Core(su)->sh ver
Copyright (c) 2015 by Extreme Networks, Inc.

Slot Model Serial # Versions
------ ---------------- -------------------- -------------------------
2 SG4101-0248 14250621596A Hw: 3
Bp: 01.01.25
3 SG4101-0248 14250628596A Hw: 3
Bp: 01.01.25
4 ST4106-0348-F6 14240038595A Hw: 2
Bp: 01.01.25
5 ST4106-0348-F6 14240037595A Hw: 2
Bp: 01.01.25

Option Modules:

Slot Module Model Serial # Versions
---- ------ ---------------- -------------------- -------------------------
4 1 SOK2208-0102 14160556595A Hw: 10
5 1 SOK2208-0102 14170009595A Hw: 10

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Show config |find somesearchstring
Make sure it's |find. If you include a space after the pipe, find won't work.
Thanks Jeremy, it works.

I was used with Juniper/Cisco/HP to always include a space after pipe, so I couldn't realize this.

Also, I don't find really helpful that after writing "|?" the CLI doesn't give you any clue.


Yeah, I don't know why they haven't made the search more robust. I have put it in as a feature request many times.