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eos to xos stp conversion and vlan loops

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We are replacing our enterasys c2,c3 and c5 fleet with x460-g2's and we seem to be creating a lot of loops when it comes to configuring vlan's on these switches.

We have 2 interconnected S4 cores (no chasis bonding) with all the edge switches fibered into both cores using single instance stp for root and alternate links.

On the x460-g2's we use a single instance stpd s0 to manage the links,

The problem is everytime we create a vlan we need to remeber to add it to the stp config by using the command "enable stpd s0 auto-bind "

If we don't add the vlan to stp and tag the vlan on the uplinks then boom, with ease there is a loop.

Now I know this more a config and learning excerise rather than problem but too me it seems too easy to create loops, on the EOS we never had this issue.

Perhaps we arent using stp correctly on the 460-g2's, maybe there is a command to add all vlans created on a switch to stp automatically ? Is it really just education or are there failsafes we can put in place.

In 3 months 3 different engineers have created 5 vlan loops. Something does not feel right. One has actually led to disciplinary due to ccn's but saying that creating vlans on switches should not be this easy to get wrong.

This is the config we use on the x460-g2 for stp:

configure stpd "s0" mode dot1w
configure stpd "s0" add vlan "Default" ports {uplink ports} (we only do this as stp seems to need an untagged vlan on the ports to activate where the eos devices did not)
enable stpd "s0" auto-bind {all vlans}
configure stpd "s0" ports link-type edge {edge ports}
configure stpd "s0" ports edge-safeguard enable {edge ports} bpdu-restrict recovery-timeout 60
configure stpd "s0" ports link-type point-to-point {uplink ports}
configure stpd "s0" tag 0
enable stpd "s0" rapid-root-failover
enable stpd "s0"

Any advice ?

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just found this ...


will give it a go
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the EZ_SpanningTree is the current best way to ensure that if you create VLANs that STP will be end in an auto-bind for the new vlan. Same if you delete the vlan,
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Let me know how EZ_SpanningTree works out for you. It was created specifically for customers like you transitioning from eos to xos.
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Read the topic and immediately thought of ez_spanningtree. Seems like I'm not the only one. Please share your experience with it.
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Did the EZ_SpanningTree help you out. Feedback is welcome.
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Daniel Coughlin wrote:


Did the EZ_SpanningTree help you out. Feedback is welcome.

I have not had time to test it yet, we are in the middle of a N7 -> S4 migration. As soon as we done with that I will give it a go.

Thank you,