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Extreme Networks with Virtual Device Context (VDC) ?

In Cisco Nexus have a Virtual Device Context (VDC) for managing one physical switch to multiple logical switch.Could ExtremeNetworks do this function?

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A similar concept in EXOS would be the use of a user created Virtual-Router (VR).

VR's have virtually separate routing and switching tables. Traffic by default is not routed or switched between VRs.

For additional details see the below section of the EXOS User Guide:
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Currently, if you have separate HW devices (let's say 2 BDX8s switches) you have to manage them individually.

There are some features that will help in some scenarios like MLAG, Virtual-Routers, etc. However you still need to configure each unit.
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I understand that's VR can use in different tag vlan but I cannot adding same tag vlan in different VR, right?

From this concept, I have one physical chassis ethernet switch and I need to separate to multiple logical switch. for different kind of use.

Thank you for sharing
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Vlan table is shared between VRs. However, each VR has its own L3 table and routing processes.

You can separate the switch to multiple local switch by creating different VRs and different L3 tables. However, you cannot use the same vlan for different VRs.

Each Vlan can belong to only one VR.
Thank you, Henrique.