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Gbic support on Legacy Enterasys and new Summit switches

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Hi Community

Perhaps someone can point me in the correct direction.
We have a client that have over 500 of the Secure Stack (B5's, C5's and A4's) and S series cores. For the last year they have been installing x440-g2 switches instead of the B5's.

The client is looking at buying a few hundred gbics that he would like to mix and match been Secure Stack, S- Series and x440-G2's.

If we look at the Gbics available, the secure stack uses part code 10GB-SR-SFPP and the summit uses part code 10301. The price is exactly the same. If they only buy 10301's will this Gbic still work on the Securestack?

The same question goes for the Securestack 10GBASE-LR-SFPP and 10302's

The same question goes for the 10GB-C01-SFPP and 10304 dac cable.

Can some one confirm this?


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We swap them around. As long as it has "extreme" on the box and it is in the compatibility matrix you should be fine as far as support goes. https://www.extremenetworks.com/extreme-hardwaresoftware-compatibility-recommendation-matrices/