Have a C 5k 24 port switch that drops packets at the 8 ping and 6.

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Have a C 5k 24 port switch that drops packets after the 8 ping and 6. I have IP Cameras and APS attached to the switch. Could the drops be due to the devices installed or is there a loop. The switch is a c5k125. Is there a command I can run to see if there is a loop or if I'm putting to much of a load on the switch.

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Might be a multicast problem with the cameras - could you disable the ports to the cameras and run the test again ?!
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I disconnected all the cameras and getting the same results.
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If it was multicast what would that mean.
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Hi Nola,

It's very unlikely you are having a loop condition, but it's hard to say without more information. Try taking a look at spanning tree, just in case:

show spantree stats active[/code]
Maybe It can really be a multicast problem... In some conditions, it could flood all ports...

Check the following article to see if it helps...


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