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how to configure trunk and access port in enterasys switches please help here

how do i configure a port as trunk and access port in enterasys switch

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Please provide the model as there are differences in the CLI commands.

Hi Ronald,

The enterasys switch model is enterasys c5g124-24 please help

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How to set a untagged VLAN...
# set port vlan ge.1.15 100 modify-egress

How to set a tagged VLAN...
# set vlan egress 200 ge.1.15 tagged

Hi ron,

Thanks for help it works superb

i have model 08H20G4-24P and the aforementioned commands do not show up in my switch. the set command is not recognized. So how can i create 2 vlans eg vlan 2 with ports 1-5 and vlan 3 with ports 6-9. port 10 be the trunk port.