How to display info about rtr interfaces in C5 switches

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According to my switch monitoring tool, Oper state is down and Admin state is up for rtr.0.1.
But if I issue "show port" , "show ip interface" I can not see such an interface. How to get an idea about the relation between rtr interfaces and vlans ?

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Hello Weda,

The best command to determine this is by using the command 'show mac type mgmt'

Allen George
Extreme Networks
The rtr.0.1 is a virtual port representing a router interface in a VLAN. If an interface is created on a VLAN the virtual rtr port will remain down until there is an active physical port that has been assigned to that VLAN.
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We have changed how this work since this question was posted. In the release notes for 8.61.08 you will find the following:
Modified the routing command “show interface” to have rtr.0.x in output instead of repeating vlan xxx and modified linkup/linkdown syslog to have ifName instead of unit/slot/port.