How to get a switch to show 'system-name' of connected device when issuing "show LLDP neighbors"?

I have a severa; BD8810 access-layer switches connect to a Summit distribution switch. All devices have LLDP enabled on their uplink ports such as:

8810 switch:
enable lldp port 5:1
configure lldp port 5:1 advertise system-name

Summit switch
enable lldp port 21
config lldp port 21 advertise system-name

'Show lldp neighbors' on either device gives this simple output format:

Port Neighbor Chassis-ID Neighbor Port ID TTL Age

The 'Neighbor Chassis-ID' is the MAC address of the connected device. However, I'd like to have the system name of the connected device displayed in the simple output format instead of the chassis-id. Otherwise I have to issue 'show lldp port 21 neighbor detail' to get the system-name.

Our Summit distribution switch will end up having uplinks to many 8810 access switches and I'd like to see all the 8810 system-names when issuing 'show lldp neighbors.'

Is this possible to do?

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If all are extreme switched then best way to see the Neighbouring Extreme device using the EDP protocol.

I don't think we can see the device name in show LLDP neighbors command output or I need to verify if there is any other way.

You could also achieve this by writing small script and call command such as "show lldp port neighbor detail" and extract what ever information you would like from that output.
Thanks - EDP did the trick. I didn't even think of that!
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Dear all. Is there also a solution für EOS devices?

CDP, CiscoDP or LLDP does only show the IP-Adress, not the remote System name

G3-LAB(su)->show neighbors
Port Device ID Port ID Type Network Address
ge.2.2 00-1f-45-fb-6a-be ge.1.1 ciscodp
ge.2.2 00-1f-45-fb-6a-be ge.1.1 cdp
ge.2.2 00:1F:45:FB:6A:BE ge.1.1 lldp

Thanks in advance
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Actually, though EDP does work great, it is not interoperable with other vendors so...

Just add "detail at the end of the command and you will have ALOT of info, depending on what is advertised by the neighbor.

770_R4U3_CORE1.1 # sh lldp neigh det
LLDP Port 1 detected 1 neighbor
Neighbor: 00:04:96:98:45:C6/1, age 25 seconds
- Chassis ID type: MAC address (4)
Chassis ID : 00:04:96:98:45:C6
- Port ID type: ifName (5)
Port ID : "1"
- Time To Live: 120 seconds
- Port Description: ""
- System Name: "R4-672x-CORE3" [/code]As far as EOS is concerned, is there no detail option as well?

- Mike
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Hi Mike.

thanks, there is actually a similar command in EOS:

SSA-TLAB(su)->show neighbors -verbose ge.1.1
Port ge.1.1
Neighbor : 00-1f-45-17-03-9a
System Name : G3-LAB
Description : Extreme Networks, Inc. G3 -- Model G3G124-24 Rev
Port : ge.2.2
MTU : 0
Last Update : THU JAN 01 00:00:00 1970
Chassis Id : 00-1f-45-17-03-9a
Port : ge.2.2
Support :
Enabled :
Neighbor IP :
Chassis IP :
Chassis MAC : 00-1f-45-17-03-9a
Device Type : dot1qSwitch
Support : ieee8021q, gvrp, igmpSnoop
Device Id : 001f4517039a
Address :
Port : ge.2.2
Version : 2
Primary Management :
Duplex : Full Duplex
Power : 0 milliwatts
Support : 0x02b01



This works for me!

thanks again and best regards

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Hello Jim,

EOS includes the S-series modular style CLI and O/S as well as the fixed port 'stackable' CLI.

for the fixed port products, enable the lldp port option "tx-tlv sys-name". If mib II sys-name is configured this TLV will now be sent across.

To show the neighbor's sys-name use show lldp port remote-info - output is similar to the data described by Alex.

Not an perfect match for "sys-name output in show neighbors?" but its what's available.

Best regards,