How to view mac table?

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how i can i view the full mac adresstable. (CISCO equivalent show mac-adresstable)
I tried show mac.
But i cant believe that this is the mac table.
I tried with the tool macof to spoof the switch many mac adresses but the show mac command doesnt show all mac adresses.
By the way mac locking was not active.

Greats Ronny

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"show fdb" is the command.
Try "show fdb"
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I forgot to mention the device sorry!
It is a Extreme B5 Switch and show fdb doesnt work.
Maybe "show arp" can do what you need 🙂
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i tried also but it doesnt work.
Maybe the B5 is not able to do that?
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its actually the following

show mac
show mac port [/code]
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so when i use this command it shows that there will be no entrys.
but for understanding, when i plugin any type of system there must be at least one entry. but there is nothing.
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After reseting the configuration, show mac worked properly.
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I published the following article externally in our knowledgebase to help others in future

Browser View:

Mobile View:

You can also use show mac type learned to see all the learned addresses and ports they are on.
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show mac
show mac port
show mac address (If you are trying to locate a machine)

If in a B5 or C5 Layer 3
show ip arp

K, S, 7100 Series switches
show mac
show mac port
show mac address
show ip arp