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Howto add multiple VLAN over MPLS VPLS connection

Is it possible to create multiple VLAN over my MPLS VPLS over VMAN. My end to end connection between my two peer are now established. What should I do to have my VLAN at my other end pass through over my MPLS.

Thank you in advance.

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Hello Jaros

Is the MPLS network yours (i.e. you created it with your gear) or is it something that is provided to you from a Service Provider?

You can absolutely create multiple VLANs across your VPLS network, It is a little tricky have you read the Concepts guide on VPLS yet? That will give you a good start in understanding the concepts and the commands that are needed. I will start there and either come back to the Hub for fine tuning the solution or look within our Knowledge base to see if there is already a post on creating VLANs over VPLS network.