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Idea: Moving software configuration instructions to the web

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I write the documentation (installation guides and quick reference guides, or QRGs) for Extreme hardware platforms.

I'd like to know how customers and partners use the instructions for configuring the software during initial setup of the switches.

To ensure that the content you get is current and accurate, I'm considering publishing the configuration instructions on the Extreme website rather than in the printed (or printable) documentation. Last-minute changes from software testing might not make it into the QRG but could easily be posted on the web.

You can help me by answering two questions:
  • How do you currently get the instructions for initial software configuration: from the Hardware Installation guides, from the QRGs, or from some other source?
  • If I put the configuration instructions on the Extreme website, would you have any problems accessing it while performing the initial software configuration?
Thanks for your feedback.

Larry Kunz
Information Development
Extreme Networks

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When there is new hardware that has a different method of installation, I go to the firmware area to get the latest copies of documentation and firmware. Skim through it to get to the meat of what I need to do and check the release notes.

Personally, I'd like to see these on an easy to find area on the site with an option to get a soft copy (pdf) if needed. I think your idea is great.
It would be nice to do away with the paper documentation within the box as well. Most people only use them the first time, then they are in the trash henceforth without even glancing at them.

For the new firmware release notes, I'd like to see these formatted so they get to the point. That is, put the new features/fixes on the first page or point us to a site rather that has this specific content.

Bottom line: Quick, Easy-to-Access, Meaty Content up front with the option to dig deeper if needed.
We stage all equipment at our office prior to installation so we can easily access the web to pull information from your website if that is where it is posted.

My most popular resources are the command reference guide and release notes.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to contribute to the decision making process.
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I am primarily using the EXOS Command Reference and User Guide, usually in PDF format. I often do not have web access when at a customer site. Additionally, the PDF versions are easier to search in and it is much easier to skim a chapter in the PDF than in the web version.