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Inter-VLAN Routing Between Two 220 Series Switches

  • 18 December 2018
  • 2 replies


I've configured a 220 series switch to route 3x VLANs. This is working fine. There is a trunk port connecting to a 2nd 220 series switch. Do I need to configure routing in this edge switch?

2 replies

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No, your edge switch should just be talking layer 2 to the 220 with the 3 vlans setup for routing.
I got this all setup and working I believe.

Now, for multicast, I have IGMP snooping enabled and I do see IGMP Querier packets on both switches.

I currently have IGMP snooping enabled on all interfaces and a video VLAN. Should I disable it on the ports and leave it on just the VLAN?

If I just have the two switches connected via a trunk, do I need to have a multicast router port assigned?

Also, I believe immediate leave should be disabled on the trunk ports, correct?