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IPv6 RA Guard Support for EOS or EXOS?

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does EOS and/or EXOS support an RA Guard feature?

I did not find something like it in the documentation or on GTAC Knowledge, only an old thread on this forum (How to setup RA Guard?) where a manual way to build an ACL to filter RA message is described. I suppose something similar can be done on EOS as well. Is there no simpler way?


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Hi, Erik. The following topic in the EXOS User Guide might be what you're looking for: IPv6 Router Advertisement Filtering

Hope this helps.

Larry Kunz
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Hi Larry,

thanks for the link.

Sadly, this is just describing a manual ACL solution as described in RFC 7113. This needs to be integrated manually into other filtering requirements for access control or even policy based routing in the case of EXOS.

A separate feature that can just be turned on is much simpler to use. E.g., it is easier to activate DHCP snooping in a network than implementing (a subset of) that functionality via OnePolicy.

EOS does not support RA Guard either which means a manual ACL is required.