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LACP port(per s3 one physcal port) mirror one physical port (s3 with VSB) tcp session incomplete

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My customer want to mirror lag port to PA.
there are two s3 using VSB.
command :

>set port lacp port tg.1.27 aadminkey 27 enable
>set port lacp port tg.4.27 aadminkey 27 enable
>set lacp aadminkey lag.0.27 27

>set port mirror create lag.0.27 tg.1.23 both
>set port mirror rnable lag.0.27 tg.1.23

>show port mirroring Port MirroringPort Mirroring Configuration

Source Port = lag.0.27vtap.0.5
Target Port = tg.1.23ge.1.1
Frames Mirrored = Rx and Tx
Admin Status = enabled
Operational Status = enabled
Mirror Outbound Rate Limited Frames : Disabled

we use wireshark and paloalto to monitor tg.1.23
we only find Tx Frames
we can't find Rx Frames

like this :

tcp seesion incomplete

who can help me ?

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This condition is usually seen when there are other mirrors already capturing the traffic or if the traffic is unidirectional. Are there any other mirrors configured on the switch including policy mirrors applied to this port or on any other port the traffic would traverse? Also you mentioned Tx and RX. Is that in relation to lag.0.27?

- Alex
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An-Tin Liu,

Any luck with this? We are here to help you with this.