Latest recommended firmware for 71K11L4

  • 19 October 2018
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Can someone help with the latest recommended firmware for 71K11L4 Enterasys Networks 7100-Series 7124 Switch 24 Ports, what we have currently on it is --- Chassis Firmware Revision:

4 replies

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Hi, Shakir. Here's a link to Release Recommendations for all EOS and EXOS-based platforms. For 7100-Series switches, we currently recommend

Note: At the bottom of that page, there's a box where you can subscribe to be notified whenever the page is updated.

Larry Kunz
Information Development
Extreme Networks
Thank you, Larry, Is there any thing like a B-series switch, is this a valid model - B5G124?, if it is, can you help me with the latest OS for the same
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Just go to and then > Products > ExtremeSwitching > B-Series B5

There you could download the latest code which is 6.81.10
Team, how about C-Series