LLDP stacked switches SecureStack C3G124-24P

I have stacked two C3G124-24P Switches and also have configured LLDP for all Ports ge.1.1-22, ge.2.1-22. I used a windows tool to test it, I got all infos (Switch name, Modell, IP, Port, VLAN, speed...) when I´m connected to the stacking master but when I´m connected to a stacking member I get only some infos (MAC Address, Port, speed).
Where is my fault, what has to be configured to get all infos from the stack member too?


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Have you tried "set lldp port tx-tlv all ge.*.1-22"?
Andre K. wrote:

Have you tried "set lldp port tx-tlv all ge.*.1-22"?

Worked perfect. Thank you
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Hello Peter,

We have created the below article to help with configuring ports on the stack members of a stack.


- Alex