load mib to A2H124

Hi community,

we have a switch A2H124-48P which is not sending snmp traps when a cable is unplugged. I used snmpwalk and found that the O.I.D. . is not responding (IF-MIB). This OID is responsible for sending the trap. I have seen in documents that the IF-MIB is supported by A2 series switch but in our case, it is missing. Is there a way to load it on the switch? Is it a matter of firmware?(current version Rev

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The OID you sent is for the trap itself and you can not poll it.
Do you get *any* traps from the switch? If not, you need to check your SNMP configurations.
In particular

show snmp notify
show snmp targetaddr
show snmp targetparams

which control the traps.
I am assuming SNMP in general works.

You could try loading "new" code into the switch. I was looking at an A2 with version which you should be able to download from the Extreme support site.
It will be hiding in the Legacy gear section.
You are right , I shouldn't expect this oid to respond since it is a trap.
Gentlemen, what are the MIBs that I need to monitor the status of the stack?

Senhores, quais são as mibs que eu preciso para monitorar o status do empilhamento do A2H124