Logging on persistent file current.log issue of a Stackable B5 Switch

Hi all,

on switch B5G124-24 fw. I report the following issue:

I have to save on current.log file all syslog messages by applying the following configuration:
set logging local console enable file enable
set logging default facility local4 severity 8

set logging application all level 8

The problem reported is that any log messages are not saved on current.log file but by "show logging buffer" I can clearly see all log messages that I expected also on current.log file.

Can anybody clarify such behaviour and explain how I could save all log messages on current.log file?

Thank you in advance to all for helping me

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The commands you've listed here are outlined in Hub KB 10869:

They are intended to affect what is written to the logging buffer (from master unit only, saved until system reset) and the syslog server.
This logged data has some overlap with what is written to the current.log (aggregated from all stack units, saved to non-volatile memory), but it is in general not a record of the same events.

I don't know of any detailed explanation of the differences, however I believe that the rationale is that keeping long-term track of the additional debug messaging has the potential to quickly fill the current.log's available 256,000-byte storage and place it into auto-wrap/overwrite mode - for little resulting diagnostic value.