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Looking for Firmware for C3G124-xx

Hello together,

I'm looking for the newest Firmware for my Enterasys C3G124-24P/48P...
Badly they are End of life and so I can't get any from our support....

Is there someone who got them still on there Hard Drive and would share it with me?


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So I know I'm late but I hope better late than never. I have a copy of c3-series_06.03.04.0004 on my NAS. no clue if it's latest or not, but if you want it, let me know.
Hi Matthew,thanks for your answer.I got c3-series_06.61.16.0003 on my NAS by myself 😃
But there should be a litte bit newer Firmware already...
If I remember well then it should be 06.61.21.xxxx
If you want to have it let me know 😉