Mac to Role Mapping on SecureStack

Hello guys,
I have several SecureStack (B3/B5/C2/C3) in my network. I would like to put the phone on the especific role without to use RADIUS/Filter-id for this.

The SecureStack supports Mac to Role Mapping? I read the RN but I didn't find any information about.

Is there another way to do this?

Thank you in advance,

Edson Moura

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Hi Edson.

MAC/IP to role mapping is only possible in CoreFlow switches (HW ASIC). With SecureStack, you can only do tagged VLAN to role mapping. In NetSight Policy Manager, for SecureStacks, you can see that the option MAC/IP to role mapping is grayed out...

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I have the same question - Release Notes does not tell anything about this!

Like Goncalo mention S-Series can do that.

But i found a video there a GTAC employee configure this on C5.

How To Create a MAC to Role Mapping for Vendor Specific OIDs :

This leads me to hope that B5 / C5 can do that maybe???