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maclock issue

Hello World !
i am facing an issue with maclock on enterasys B5 series (firmware 06.81):
All my stations have x2 teaming NICs, with each NIC connected to a different switch. I have all in all 6 switches.
Without maclock, i have no teaming or ping issue.
When i configure a simple maclock, stations on the same switch cannot ping each other, while they can ping their GW or stations on other switches.
To check the maclock with "show maclock", i can see a violation on the "Last Violating MAC Address" field. But i am not sure as this can be a previous violation.
Anyone knows how to clear that exact field ? so i can test if i've had a new violation each time.
Also, anyone have an idea about my maclock issue ?


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Hi Yass,

do a "clear maclock ?" to get the different options for the clear command.

Could be that this post is also helpful...

with "clear maclock", there is no way to clear this field.
"clear maclock violation disable-port ge.1.x" haven't cleared that field.
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You may wish to open a case with the GTAC to get this sorted out. It could have something to due with the nic teaming such as we see two different mac's learned on the port. We may see the real mac first and then a virtual mac once teaming is in full affect.

That said I am not sure about the ping issue reported.