Max number of GRE tunnels

  • 17 June 2015
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is there a limit in the number of GRE tunnels that can be configured in a S-Series switch?

5 replies

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I created a knowledge article in our Public GTACKnowledgebase for future reference:

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GTAC Knowledge:
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Hi Esteban,

The numbers are the same for the S180/S140 as for the S155. i.e. 62 with no license requirement.
I will update the knowledge document to add those products as well.

Best Regards
Itis limited as Tunnel interfaces:
For Example in SSA or S3:

tunnel-interfaces 62 1

You can check limits with "show limits" command on S/K Series Switches.
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Tunneling Capacities

Total Number of Tunnels (S155) 62
Total Number of Tunnels (S150/S130) 62 *Licensed
Total Number of Tunnels (SSA150(A)/SSA130) 62 *Licensed

Some of these limits may not be enforced by the firmware and may cause unknown results if exceeded.

License Features

The S-EOS-S130 license adds VRF, BGP and tunneling features to the S130 class of HW.
A single license will be required per chassis or SSA. The license is applicable to: S130 class SSA, S3 chassis (using S130 I/O modules), The S1, S4, S6 and S8 chassis using the S130 Class fabrics or a combination of S150 and S130 Class fabrics (The VRF functionality in the S150 class is included without the need for a license.)

The S-EOS-S150 license adds GRE tunnel support to the S150 Class of HW. This license will be extended in the future to add additional tunneling options. The S155 class supports these features without the need for the license.

Are the numbers the same for S180 modules?