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what is the max port mirrors on ExtremeSwitching 200 and is there a comparison to a X440?

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Hello Chris,

You can have a maximum of 4 mirrors active on a 200-Series at one time. Many-to-one mirrors are allowed, so the number of sessions that are active is dictated by the number of destination mirror ports have been configured.

For example, you could have four 10-to-1 mirrors active on a switch concurrently.

The commands are fairly simple. Here is an example of a simple 1-to-1 mirror, you'll need to be in config mode:

monitor session 1 source interface 1/0/1 *** Defines source interface
monitor session 1 destination interface 1/0/48 *** Defines destination interface
monitor session 1 mode *** Activates mirror

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Steve Geisser
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Hello Chris,

The following article references the information about mirrors on x440.

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