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Can anyone point me in the right direction for interface counter oid's on S gear? I am putting up a network status page using MRTG and have not been able to find the appropriate oid for S interfaces.

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you'd download the whole MIB files here....

The interface table could be found in /mibs/standards/ietf/IF-MIB
Here a example for ifInOctets using the Netsight MIB Tools...OID

thanks for the article.

in the snapshot, we can see ifInOctets NON zero with index = 12001.
Index is a big number, so I believe it is for a vlan (and not a port), isn't it ?

I noticed that indexes corresponding to physical ports are numbered from 1001 to 1048.
And indexes corresponding to vlans created by user ("create vlan UP_MGW" , etc) are dynamically numbered with higher values.

Can you confirm you have ifInOctets counters working fine for user-created vlans ?

I'm asking because my ifInOctets and ifOutOctets counters are frozen to zero on my Summit X480-48t (EXOS for all the vlans I created (but are increasing for physical ports).

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Hello Richard,

I expect you're looking for access to routed vlan interface counters via snmp.
Routed vlan stats (vs routed interface) are a resource problem as all ports in the switch need to be taken into account.

The S-series has no mib counters for vlan int's - routed or non routed - comparable to mib 2 .

It's apples and oranges but Netflow is one way to provide similar information.

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Just a question here:
Are there some OIDs for traffic input/outpus expressed as rate?

Same for packets. Packets per second?

Can I find this on Extreme?
ExtremeXOS version
mode: X670G2-48x-4q