Plans for MACsec on EXOS?

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currently, EXOS does not support MACsec (see Is MACSec 802.1AE feature supported in EXOS? from GTAC Knowledge). From the Extreme Switching portfolio, only some S-Series and the 7100 support MACsec (see Hub thread MACsec?).

Are there any plans to add MACsec to EXOS? MACsec support is a feature currently missing for customers that want to transition from EOS to EXOS.


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We have a feature request open for this but we don't have any dates for it yet.
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Thanks for the info. 🙂
Hello Stephen,
do you have updates on this?


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It is making progress, but nothing to report as of yet.
Thanks for the update Stephen.
Any updates and if so what exos version to expect? I have a few X690’s with core licensing and would like to play with this feature.
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Hello Keith,

For some reason the hardware does not support MACsec but take a look at this new little buddy:
It is to be working with EXOS 30.1 and for X590 with EXOS 30.2. I don't know release date for 30.1 but for 30.2 I've seen May 2019 so 30.1 should be like Q1. ;)

Hope that helps,
Wow what a neat idea to add functionality that isn't available in the current hardware. Beats a forklift upgrade and getting a whole new switch.

Nice find.
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30.1 should be sooner than that. Carefully check your present under your Christmas tree 🙂
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And LRM support too, nice.
Userlevel 6 has MACsec on 10/100/1000 ports and some VIM ports.
Userlevel 5 has MACsec on 10/100/1000 ports and some VIM ports.
It also has Extreme Insight Architecture derived from DC solutions to run Guest VMs on top.
I would call that buddy X460-G3 if it was not referred as "high-end" in the datasheet. 😉 And I'm not sure if the pricing will reflect high-end equipment or X460 successor.

Kind regards,