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Port Protected Mode on 7100-Series?

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on SecureStack switches, the Port Protected Mode was available. It prevented

The Protected Port feature is used to prevent ports from forwarding traffic to each other, even when they are on the same VLAN. Ports may be designated as either protected or unprotected.
Ports are unprotected by default. Multiple groups of protected ports are supported.

Is there an equivalent feature available on 7100-series?

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The 7100-series accomplish this using Secondary and Private VLAN's. We cover these features in our Configuration Guide under IP Routing Configuration > The Routing Interface > Secondary and private VLAN.

For quick reference here is a link to that section.

The configuration guide also contains a sample configuration.

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There is a video on this feature on youtube Although it is for the Secureatack family, it does provide some details check it out https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RdELWTgVXLk