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ports that learned mac address

how can we check for particular mac address learned from different ports
I mean lets say we have mac address current learned on port ge.1.10 , I want to check where was that mac address learned prior to current port.

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The best way is to use the compass tool within ExtremeManagement. It searches quite a few different MIBs to track it down. The most helpful is the node alias table. On N/S/K series turning on the moveaddrtrap may also be helpful if you are trying to follow a moving mac address.
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Hello Mandar,

To expand on Dan's feedback you can check the local switch nodealias table on a N/S/K or 7100 using the show nodealias command. However this is limited to the local switch where Extreme Management's Compass tool can search multiple switches at once.

The command on the N/S/K and 7100 series is "show nodealias mac "