QOS for Shoretel Phones on Extreme Switch Model B5G124-48P2

Greetings all,
I am new to switching so bear with me. I have inherited a network with about a dozen branch offices. One office in particular is experiencing poor voip quality with their Shoretel phones. I would like to setup QOS on the B5G124-48P2 Switch but so far no luck getting any of the commands working. Also have a ticket with support but none of the command they have provided work (Invalid input detected). Is there some perquisite I need to setup for the switch?
Any help with the commands is much appreciated.

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I will try to answer my own post, I think I "might" have the correct commands now? I input the commands below:
set cos state enable
set policy profile 1 name "ShoreTel" cos-status enable cos 0
set policy rule 1 iptos 96 mask 8 cos 5
set policy rule 1 iptos 184 mask 8 cos 5
set policy port *.*.* 1
set port txq *.*.* 3 22 3 3 66 3

Any comments are appreciated.