QSFP+ LR4 Parallel Single Mode transceiver

Installing a QSFP+ LR4 Parallel Single Mode transceiver. I had set one of the fg.1.1 to 10GB creating 4 tg ports. In order to use these transceiver, do I set the port back to 40GB?

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Hi Carlos,

I believe you are talking about the following transceiver:

10326 - 40Gb, QSFP+ Parallel Single Mode (PSM), MPO connector, 10km SMF

If so i think you should leave the QSFP+ port partitioned to 4x10GbE.
Also you will need to run a minimum of 8.41.01 to support that in firmware

Hope this helps
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Thanks Glyn, I'm running 4.2 so that's good.
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excellent , good luck
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published the following article to cover this in the kb in case it comes up again

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as I understand it, this QSFP+ can be used both in split mode to connect 4 devices at 10G, and in 40G mode to connect to another 40G port.

See http://documentation.extremenetworks.com/pluggable/PluggableHardware/QSFP/r_lr4-psm-qsfp-module.shtm...

Thus it depends on the use case if the 40G port should be configured as 40G or 4x10G, not on the transceiver.