Reboot of member of stack: broad_hpc_drv.c(2686) 1809 This is from member 3

Hello all,
I have configured a stack switch with 3 members (model B5G124-48P2), and all of them have the same firmware version:

Today, el switch member # 3 began to reboot with no reason. The log of that was the following:

<160> MAR 29 09:33:55 SIM[83789648]: broad_hpc_drv.c(2686) 1809 This is from member 3 %% unit = 1, CBPCELLCRCERRPTR 0x00000001
<160> MAR 29 09:33:55 DRIVER[189196800]: broad_system.c(5211) 1810 This is from member 3 %% 4 CBP cell CRC errors detected on SoC unit 1

I checked the power source and is working normally, the stack cables are perfectly connected, the temperature is ok and the watts consumption por PoE are in the levels:

IDF_P7(rw)->show inlinepower
Detection Mode:auto

Unit Status Power(W) Consumption(W) Usage(%) Threshold(%) Trap Mgmt Mode
---- ------ -------- -------------- -------- ------------ -------- ----------
1 auto 375 67.200 17.325 80 enable realtime
2 auto 375 60.400 16.0 80 enable realtime
3 auto 375 54.500 14.150 80 enable realtime

So, I don't know if the problem is related to the firmware version or I have to consider some other things related to the power.

Can you please help me to solve this situation?

Thanks in advance.

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There is probable hardware failure here. I suggest that you open a GTAC Support case for this, making sure that you include the '
show support
' output, and the full current.log file extracted as outlined in KB 5487 (