S4- syslog trackobj


I receive messages from S4 (version that I don't understand.
The syslog are:
Trackobj[6]Invalid socket
entry (id 53, fd 78) on inuse list

Do you know what does it mean ? and what is trackobj ?

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Hello Elodie,
an application that keeps state info on behalf of other applications. Normally concerns an item such as service availability.
That's overly simplified.
A typical scenario: trackedObjectManager might validate and hold state info for critical route destinations to help optimize routing decisions.

Clunky definitions aside, I'm not familiar with the error message you've reported and cant offer d guidance regarding cause or possible impact .

I recommend a call to the GTAC for further investigation.

And firmware upgrade - as conditions allow.
hope that helps
Hello Mike,

Thanks for your answer, I will contact GTAC.